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hi there, we are a digital tag-team from Italy & Ireland who specialize in high quality web design & development. When not busy getting our groove on for clients, we can be found creating design freebies & code snippets to download. We also flog our premium wares on the legendary Envato marketplaces.


Fabio Cairo

by Donagh

A Linux system administrator with 15 years of experience, Fabio is the technical mastermind behind pixelentity. His programming arsenal includes javascript, perl, bash (whatever that is!), Object Oriented Actionscript & PHP as well as other dark sysadmin fu.

Before pixelentity, Fabio, under the alias “bitfade”, made a name for himself over on ActiveDen, creating mind boggling effects out of unreadably optimized Actionscript 3. Though he still sometimes eats particles for breakfast, WordPress has become Fabio’s new home. Plugins, themes, back-end security, whatever, consider it sorted and optimized to within an inch of it’s life.

When not being annoyed by my ability to constantly screw up our git repositories, Fabio enjoys spending time with his wife and little girl at their home in southern Italy. Fabio is a distant cousin of Tony Soprano, so don’t even think about hot linking some of our freebies! He’s watching you!


Donagh O’Keeffe

by Fabio

An accredited architect by trade, Donagh is the creative pulse behind pixelentity. Unable to keep his love for the digital realm under wraps any longer, he replaced paper with pixels in 2008. With a strong background in design and a frustrating ability to spot a stray pixel from 100 yards, he ensures my Comic Sans days are a thing of the past!

Before pixelentity, Donagh was also to be found loitering around ActiveDen under the alias “iamdok”, where he flogged his Flash templates to anything that moved. He is a dedicated designer who takes pleasure delivering Chuck Norris style CSS roundhouse kicks to Internet Explorer.

Though originally from Ireland he now lives with his fiancee in Budapest. When not coming up with crazy ideas at in the middle of the night (the 4am emails I receive), he enjoys trying to make himself understood in Hungarian, much to the amusement of the native population!

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