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Envato Statement Booster

Download JS Script

Today we’re releasing “Envato Statement Booster” a custom greasemonkey script to boost the info presented to you in your statement page on the Envato Marketplaces.

The script adds a second table above the normal statement table, which contains summary data about the total amounts of earnings and total sales for that day. The data is displayed on a file by file basis as well as globally.

To install the script simply click the download button, and if you are using Firefox or Chrome it will auto install. With Opera the js file will be opened in a new tab from where you just need to save it to your hard drive, making sure to keep the filename intact. Then you will need to insert it into your user scripts folder. Here is a small giude on how to do that.

Note: Earnings data in the above image are dummy values. Like you didn’t already know! Feedback welcome.


This freebie may be used for both personal and commercial projects. Attribution would be appreciated, but is not required. For further details see the licencing page.

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